What are the benefits?

Sound Immersion offers unlimited benefits and uses, many of which are subtle and complex.

However, the most important benefits are quite simple:

Bringing the Mind into the Body

In our modern culture, people are becoming ever more prone to a dis-integration of the mind and body. With our Sound Immersion Technologies, mind-body integration can be quickly and easily restored. In Sound Immersion, sound waves gently travel through the body in pulses and waves and the mind’s attention is effortlessly brought into every tissue, organ and cell. We feel the sound waves moving through us and our mind-body connection is naturally restored. Mind-body integration is a cornerstone of health, wellness and personal growth.

Effortless Meditation

With Sound Immersion, the mind is effortlessly entranced and thereby brought directly into a meditative state. Many people have difficulty meditating, as our minds are often so full of hectic worries and anxieties. The experience of full-body sound immersion naturally collects all of our conscious attention into the singular experience of the sound. Thus, a deep meditative state is spontaneously achieved without prior training or experience.

Expanding Spatial Awareness

Most people in our modern culture lead a sedentary lifestyle, often staring at a computer screen, television, or phone for most of the day. Our ancestors however, were more fully engaged in a larger 3-dimensional spatial experience as they hunted, farmed and worked to survive in more perilous and unpredictable environments. Thus we evolved to have a broad 3-dimensional spatial awareness which was necessary for our success and safety; but this has been largely lost. With our Sound Immersion Systems, this broader spatial awareness is instantly restored. The sound waves move up and down and through the body, naturally expanding our spatial awareness to include every dimension.

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