Here’s what our happy customers are saying:

“I suffer with autoimmune diseases that cause me constant pain. I have tried so many therapies to try to get even a moment of relief, but nothing has been very successful. Someone suggested the Sound Table so I decided to try it. I probably can’t adequately describe the experience with words but I’ll try. When I began, I was very tense and wasn’t sure I would be able to let my muscles let go… but within minutes I took a deep, cleansing breath and felt everything release. Next came the part that’s difficult to describe. I felt as if I was taken to another dimension, like I was floating away from the pain. It seemed as if my body was melting into the table with each musical pulse. When I finished my session, I felt like I floated back into my body which was transformed. The euphoria I felt continued through my day. I would highly recommend the sound table to anyone of any age to relieve pain, stress, anxiety or as a quick, transformational break from life.”    


Chronic Pain Sufferer

“My Sound Table is a delightful treat at the end of a very challenging day or just as a regular escape. I am still surprised at how time can disappear when I am on the table.”



“I ordered one of the Low Ohm tuning forks to start rounding out my collection of sound healing / musical instruments, I wanted something nice and low. WOW it sure is low. It goes right through flesh and bone, it’s very calming and grounding.

I’ve used it as an adjunct to my massage practice, and simple contact with the fork while it was sounding popped one of my client’s vertebrae back into place. Lovely tool, really.”


Massage Therapist

“Thomas builds a quality sound table using the finest components and he can customize to your needs…all at a reasonable price. I jumped at the chance to have one of Thomas’ tables!”

Dr. Ted Jones

Harp Music Therapist, PhD

“When I do a Sound Therapy Session [on the table], the frequencies are literally inside my body!”    


HiFi enthusiast, Meditator

“When a song ‘pops’ into your your head, it now pops into your body throughout the day. Amazing relaxation. Thank you for making this available. It will provide a lot of healing for a lot of people.”

Evalyn Jenning

Audiologist, M.A.