The PhiSonics Sound Immersion System

is the simplest, highest fidelity means by which to fully immerse the body in a pure and pristine field of sound vibrations.

We start with the highest quality hardwood maple massage tables manufactured by Earthlite, using the industry’s most eco-friendly manufacturing techniques. The tables are outfitted with advanced carbon fiber sound distribution panels. As the speed of sound in carbon fiber is approximately ten times the speed of sound in wood, our systems provide a fast, precise and clean sonic distribution pattern. The solid maple structure adds a sonic warmth, eliminating any undesirable overtones.

Each side of the table is fitted with one Clark Synthesis Platinum Tactile Transducer, one for the upper body and one for the lower. The Platinum level transducers are the most powerful in the world and produce the broadest tactile audio frequency spectrum available, from 10 Hz to 17 kHz. The transducers receive a stereo signal from the audio amplifier and send sound vibrations directly into the body… whatever sounds you like… directly from your audio player (phone, tablet, CD player, computer, etc.). As the two audio signals travel through the table, they produce interference patterns that vary by frequency, thus creating a dramatic movement of sound through every part of the table and thus through and around your body. Thereby, the sound is not felt at the transducer locations, but rather it is felt everywhere, in highly mobile pulses and waves.

Tactile transducers are like speakers in that they receive an electrical signal from an audio amplifier and convert the signal into sound waves. But they are different than speakers in one very important way: speakers are designed to send sound waves into the air, whereas tactile transducers are designed to send sound waves into an object. And this makes a world of difference. Due to the basic physics of sound transmission, when sound waves travel through the air from an ordinary speaker (not a tactile transducer) and impact the body, most of the sound is reflected and does not enter the body. However, when sound waves travel through our specially designed tables from the tactile transducers, much more of the vibrational energy is transmitted directly into the entire body… and the results are simply beyond words.

Each table includes two HiFi boutique-quality amplifiers made by NuPrime Audio.The primary amplifier, which powers the tactile transducers, features a high resolution DAC (digital to analog converter) and thereby can accommodate a wide variety of connectivity options including RCA direct, HiRes Bluetooth wireless, S/PDIF and USB. The DAC can handle ultra high resolution audio files for advanced users (see specs). The secondary amplifier powers the Bose Quiet Comfort noise cancellation headphones, the best and most comfortable available. Headphone use is at all times optional, depending upon your purpose. Two headphone ports are included to accommodate dual listeners.

The system also includes a heavy duty zippered carry case for the table and a fully adjustable face cradle.


Included with the PhiSonics Sound Immersion System:

PhiSonics: In a Class of Our Own

  • We use only the highest fidelity components available and therefore proudly disclose the components and brands, as they are the best available. Other companies hide their components and brands as they are cheap and of a much lower fidelity.
  • Our systems are Research Quality. This means that we provide the purest tactile sound experience available. If you intend to do sound immersion research, our systems are THE ONLY CHOICE. Likewise, if you only want to the purest sonic waves to enter yours or your client’s body, our systems are THE ONLY CHOICE.
  • Our systems are designed and implemented by an acoustical physicist and continually tested by an international team of scientists and natural health professionals (The International Academy of Consciousness, The Institute of Applied Consciousness Technologies and The International Consciousness Research Laboratories). See OUR FOUNDER bio for links to scientific publications by our founder-designer, Thomas Orr Anderson.
  • We make no metaphysical claims and let the the power of sound speak for itself. The laws of physics are enough to accommodate the unlimited benefits of Sound Immersion. Any appropriately chosen sounds can work beautifully for Sound Immersion. No magic is required. (NOTE: Our system will playback any audio files at the highest possible quality making it the perfect Sound Immersion tool for your personal approach to Sound-Therapy.)


Choose one of seven colors of luxurious NATURSOFT™ uphostery.

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•Length: 73”

•Height Range: 23” -33”

•Weight approx. 45 lbs with transducers

•Widths: 32” Standard (28,” 30,” or 35” by special order, email thomas)

•Max Working Weight: 300 lbs

•Reiki Endplates on One Side

•Includes Professional Adjustable Headrest / Face-Cradle and Heavy-Duty Zippered Carry Case

•System Frequency Range: 10 Hz to 17 kHz

•Primary Audio Amplifier (IDA-8): 100W x 2, THD+N: <0.005%, Click Here for More

Headphone Amplifier (HPA-9): Click Here

Headphones (Bose Quiet Comfort): Click Here

Price for Complete System: $7,999