the world's finest sound immersion tables

the purest sound is what you deserve

advanced sound distribution

the speed and efficiency of carbon fiber meets the warmth of solid maple

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research-grade components

the highest-fidelity

no compromises

mind/body integration - meditation - spatial awareness

allow the laws of physics to do the work


when the best is the only option

Sound Immersion

Using advanced Tactile Transducers, our Sound Immersion Systems bring the vibrations and harmonics of music into every cell of your body. Simply connect your audio player and relax into your favorite sounds. Fully experience the power of sound without strain to the ears.

New Technology

New tactile transducer technology now makes it possible to bring full spectrum sounds directly into the body.

Whereas speakers are designed to send sound waves through the air, tactile transducers are designed to send sound waves directly into the body.

The Future of Mind-Body Integration

Mind-body awareness follows the sound as it moves through every cell in the body. Modern research shows that an integrated mind-body awareness is a key factor in holistic well-being, co-ordination, and relaxation.

Sound Immersion can support

  • Sound Therapy
  • Mind-Body Integration
  • Addiction and Trauma Recovery
  • More Effective Massage Therapy
  • Extreme Athletic Recovery
  • Effortless Meditation
  • Qi Gong
  • Full Body Listening
  • Sensitivity Training
  • Tantric & Kundalini Yoga


Simplicity is the essence of good design. At PhiSonics, we ever strive to make our Sound Immersion Systems simple to use, simple to understand and simple to get the best possible results.


Beauty is deeper than aesthetics alone. Beauty is the indicator of harmony. Our tables are designed with Beauty as a guide, inside and out.


Harmony is the essence of Nature’s design formula… all the parts working together as a Beautiful whole.